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“Rink Entertainment delivers quality production that connects emotionally with our targeted consumer while creatively delivering our branded message.”


- Susan Selle, V.P., Global Brand Development
Jarden Consumer Solutions
Brand Manager, Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Rival, Crock-Pot, Oster


Rink Entertainment is a pioneering player in the emerging field of Branded Entertainment.

What is Branded Entertainment?

While the answer to this question can be complex, its influence on the advertising and entertainment industries is simple: it is changing everything.

Technological advances in the last five years have provided audiences with unprecedented control of how they enjoy their entertainment options.  Where advertisers once could rely on tried-and-true commercial breaks to reach consumers, the proliferation of DVRs and on-demand viewing has made the already daunting mission of a 30-second spot even more difficult. 

Companies and their products are now seeking fresh, innovative ways to reach audiences by merging commerce with creative content. 

The result is Branded Entertainment. 

Rink Entertainment has created and perfected a serial story vignette format utilized in commercial pods. 

A company or brand is attached as a sponsor for each series of vignettes with special care taken to integrate their product organically into each scene.  The result: an entertaining, narrative-driven short that manages to hold viewers through the break.

This unique blend of story-telling and advertising can be tailored for any demographic or sponsor.

By having both a Television division and a Branded Entertainment division, Rink Entertainment understands the concerns, goals, and challenges for advertising and entertainment companies.  We have worked directly with major brands, advertising agencies, television networks, and ad sales teams, as well as major record labels and music artists.  In essence, we are uniquely qualified and positioned to help any party involved, individually or collectively. 

Brands- Let Rink Entertainment help create a branded entertainment franchise or campaign to communicate your brand message, image, and lifestyle, while reaching your target audience through television, internet, and other mediums.

Ad Agencies- As you are coming up with new and creative solutions for your clients, let Rink Entertainment be a part of that solution, with years of experience in pioneering the field of branded entertainment. 

Television Networks-Rink Entertainment can help you promote live television events or new and existing series through branded entertainment. 

Ad Sales teams- Let Rink Entertainment create a branded entertainment franchise that you can sell as a package to advertisers.  This alternative to the thirty-second spot is a sure-fire win for everyone involved and will help increase sales revenue. 

Record Labels and Artist Managers-Rink Entertainment is proud of our reputation for taking care of artists in the music industry.  We know how to tell an inspiring story that connects with an audience, never letting the brand involved upstage the story.  Let us come up with ways to help propel an artist’s career in the ever-changing music business environment.

Rink Entertainment Branded Sponsors include:
Chevy Trucks
Kraft Foods
Oscar Mayer
Country Time Lemonade

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee

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"I consider 'Short Cuts' to have been an important tool in taking me from day one of releasing a single, to becoming a platinum selling artist."

-Taylor Swift
Platinum Selling Country Music Artist
Big Machine Records

"Taylor Swift’s ascent to national success started entirely with GAC’s Short Cuts.  Before there was a single, before there was a video, there was Short Cuts.  Viewers connected immediately.  We watched in real time on her website and MySpace as people discovered Taylor Swift.  That all started in May of 2006. By May of 2007, Taylor had a #1 single, a platinum album, and major tours with George Strait, Brad Paisley and Tim & Faith."

-Scott Borchetta
Big Machine Records